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Huge Bear Wines

Huge Bear Arrives
Huge Bear Found In Knights Valley

The Big Story Behind Huge Bear

At Huge Bear, we’re passionate about making exceptional, hand-crafted wines. Each wine is made in small lots, and is meant to be enjoyed with family and friends.

Our wines are inspired by California's rich history and Sonoma County’s long-standing reputation of growing exceptional wine grapes that produce exciting wines. It’s this adventurous spirit of the west that is captured in each bottle of Huge Bear.

What’s in a Name?

The Huge Bear name comes from an article we discovered in the local historic archives from the mid 1800s. The story chronicles the adventures of a huge bear that would come down from the mountains in search of food, surprising the local Justice of the Peace whose home he routinely raided. That elusive bear was never trapped. During this time Thomas Knight (namesake of Knights Valley) was leading the charge to raise the Bear Flag and pronounce California as an independent state. We imagine that the Bear Flaggers were inspired by this local bear, and decided to celebrate the bear’s independent spirit on the California State Bear Flag.

A Spirited Label

The illustration used on our label is adapted from Lynd Ward's classic book The Biggest Bear, winner of the Caldecott Medal in 1953. Mr. Ward illustrated over 200 books and most are now considered American classics. His works include six woodcut graphic novels, of which four have recently been republished. He is also known for his art in watercolor, oil, brush and ink, lithography and mezzotint. You can read more about the amazing life of Lynd Ward on the many websites that are dedicated to his extraordinary life. We are grateful to the copyright owners of Mr. Ward's work, his daughters Robin Ward Savage and Nanda Ward, for their permission to use this amazing art.

The History of the Bear Symbol in California

Learn more about the history of the role of bears in California.

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